How would you like to double, triple and maybe even quadruple your current fuel service sales?


FEA's fuel tool will quickly monitor your vehicle's fuel trim. In just under 2 minutes, we can plug in, print out and present a customized report with a recommended action plan. With a simple, customizable Green / Yellow / Red graph, and a customized message based on graph color so that you will have a powerful visual selling tool to close more fuel service sales. We would like to schedule a demonstration as soon as possible to help you drive sales NOW!

Before and After

Fuel EFFICIENCY Analyzer
Fuel EFFICIENCY Analyzer
  • Check For Trouble Codes
  • Check Fuel Trims For Fuel System Inefficiencies
  • To See If Car Is In Need For Fuel Service
Fuel EFFICIENCY Analyzer

What is Fuel Trim?

Fuel trim is a window that allows you to see what the computer is doing to control fuel delivery.

Fuel trim indicates the percentage of adjustment that your car computer adjusts fuel consumption to make up for the inefficiency of the fuel system


Fuel EFFICIENCY Analyzer


Fuel EFFICIENCY Analyzer Fuel EFFICIENCY Analyzer

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