Why FEA GPS Vehicle / Lot Management?

FEA GPS Vehicle / Lot Management is the expert in Dealer Inventory Management. We have developed proven models that not only eliminate hassles and protect dealer investments, but consistently turn the program into a profit center for dealerships across the country. FEA GPS Vehicle / Lot Management programs typically enjoy an average of 90% sales penetration on sell through to the customer. This is the most dealer-centric program in the industry, creating more avenues for the dealer to find additional revenue.

Profit Opportunity

This plug and play GPS system can be installed within 5 to 10 minutes and provides real-time updates that allow managers and salesmen to locate inventory, via web or smartphone app, within moments, decreasing customer wait time and increasing sales. Floor plan audits can now take minutes, instead of hours or days. The system also provides low battery, speed and boundary alerts for the dealer as well as provide dealers with critical mileage maintenance alerts to maintain a Service Department relationship with previously sold customers, and more.

Profit Center

Turn your Inventory Management costs into a profit center. FEA GPS Vehicle / Lot Management customers typically enjoy an average of 85%+ penetration, or HIGHER, on sales through to the customer. With features that protect and assist in theft recovery and keep your customers connected to their vehicles, value over price is an easy equation to show. You are able to sell these features to the customer, sign them up and get them activated immediately, and on their way, right from the F&I office or dealership floor.

Asset Management

FEA GPS Vehicle / Lot Management Powered By Apex Protec is the expert in Dealer Inventory Management. With extensive experience in preloading, training and maintaining GPS dealer inventory management programs, we have developed proven models, which not only eliminate hassle and protect dealer investments, but also consistently turn this process into a profit center for the dealer. In short, we are committed to your success and know how to get you there and keep you there.

Secure Your Inventory

With state of the art GPS technology in our GPS units, you can:

Turnkey Preload Process

With our turnkey process, we can have you installed, managing inventory, trained and selling in as little as one week, or less.

Our skilled techs will install units on your inventory and train your techs to take over on an ongoing basis during your PDI process, keeping the parts and service profits in-store, therefore increasing Absorption percentages.

Plus receive all of the Inventory Management account features at no additional cost, when you preload your inventory with Apex Protect GPS.

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